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Stage Rentals

We carry a large inventory of Steeldeck® staging.  Steeldeck® is a very strong and versatile staging system that comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes (approximate load rating of 125 lbs. per square foot).  The modular and portable nature of this staging allows for a great deal of versatility in the design of your stage and its standardized design also allows it to be assembled in a very efficient manner.  Scene Ideas also has a number of accessories in our inventory that are compatible with Steeldeck® stages such as handrails, adjustable stair units, and ramps.  Our event crew is professionally trained and standing by to assist with the stage installation and strike.  Contact us today for a quote on your next stage riser rental.

Custom Staging

In addition to having Western Canada’s largest inventory of Steeldeck® staging, Scene Ideas also has custom staging and the ability to build any custom stage that is required which is compatible with Steeldeck® staging.  Some of the custom items we have in our inventory include round stages, step units and ramps (some compatible with our round stages), plexiglass step units and scissor lifts that can be used as a wheelchair lift to a stage.  We also carry revolving stages or turntables including an adjustable car revolve.  Let our staging specialists assist with an innovative stage design that will elevate your next event.

Scenic Tiles & Rentals

Scene Ideas has an expanding inventory of off-the-shelf solutions to create unique looks and we are constantly developing new products.  The most popular product in our scenic rentals inventory is our scenic tiles.  These tiles are the modular solution to creating unique sets and scenic elements while delivering fantastic impact and value. Stage sets, area dividers, entry archways, screen surrounds, columns or ceiling treatments, these units easily transform or enhance any environment.  There are unlimited possibilities for customization, so let us help you find the most effective solution to any event environment challenge.

Custom Scenery

The scenic design team at Scene Ideas are here to turn all of your creative ideas and dreams into reality.  Touring sets, theatrical scenery, trade show booths, event displays and props are made to order in our 12,000 square foot scene shop housing our talented arsenal of carpenters, metal fabricators and painters.  Full CAD and graphics capabilities allow accurate integration with all levels of production across all departments.  The possibilities are endless so please contact us today to see how we can be of assistance.


We offer protective Plexiglass barriers in five stock designs for tabletop and rolling solutions, but can also provide custom designs. We can work with you to provide the best solution for your business and customers.

For custom barriers, please contact for a quote.


We have also added car sneeze guard barriers to our offerings of protective plexi barriers. Whether you offer ride-sharing, taxi, or other automotive services, these car barriers are a standard size that can fit most vehicles and are the perfect solution to keep you and your passengers safe.

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Passenger Driver Protective Car Barrier/Shield


With our in-house print shop and graphic designer, we can provide the signage you need to get your business ready for reopening. Physical distancing signs, decals, posters, sandwich boards – you name it! We can provide solutions that best suit your needs to ensure the safety of your valued customers and employees.


We have face shields, ear savers, and various touch-free accessories in stock to reduce the spread of germs. And just like everything else, these items can be customizable with your company branding.

Personal Protective Equipment - PPE - 4 Small Images in One