Electro Kabuki 2

Electro Kabuki 2 (EK2) is the high tech solution to guarantee a faultless reveal or drop for your staged events.  Misfires, faulty releases and snagged drapes are a thing of the past.  EK2 is easy to rig, efficient to operate and works flawlessly, first time, every time.  Amazingly fast to install; a single trained installer can set up 100 linear feet in two hours.  Separate circuits allow for flawless, split-second dual cues, with manual or OMX controlled firing.  Use it indoors or out, the Electro Kabuki 2 modules and cabling are weatherproof, providing connections are properly made.  Scene Ideas carries complete Electro Kabuki 2 systems, including controllers, splitters and cables, as well as polysilk drops (up to 30’ H x 80’ W). Check out this video from the manufacturer to see just how easy this product is to use.