Revolving Stages

Scene Ideas has two revolving stages or turntables in our inventory, one with an 8’-4” diameter and the other with a 24’-0” diameter.  The chain motor powering the revolving stage is mounted outside of the stage and below the surface of the stage in order to maintain a level stage throughout.  This quiet running motor allows for variable speed and direction and can be controlled remotely.  There is also a centre hub that allows for power and other cables to be accessed.  We also have the surrounding stage pieces that allow the revolving stage to be incorporated into a larger stage design.  These revolves are designed and built with the ease of shipping and installation in mind and consequently the assembly times needed for these revolves are kept to a minimum.  Lastly, we also have a car revolve in our inventory which is a low profile Double H revolve that is adjustable and can accommodate most vehicles.