24’ D Round Stage & Segments – Full Round

Same construction as standard Steeldeck® platform using steel truss frame with high quality 3⁄4″ plywood tops.  Tops are insulated from frames to reduce noise and vibration.  Deck will accept 6 legs of 11⁄2″ Schedule 40 steel pipe.  Legs are held in place by a hand knob.  Decks are connected to each other by bolting through pre-drilled holes along straight edges.  Four left hand and four right hand decks around six 4′ × 8′ decks make a 24′ diameter circle.  Can be used to round off stage corners.

    Carrying Weight Load Capacity
    Leg Posts
    125 lbs 3069 lbs 6 24’ D Segment (left-hand)
    24’ D Segment (right-hand)
    4’x8’ Standard